about us

Apliiq is a new media fashion company that collects rare, deadstock and recognizable fabrics and applies them to everyday garments.  Apliiq.com celebrates the experience of fabric expression by offering limited edition and custom appliqué products in which visitors can choose the fabric, placement and garment color to make their own unique composition of color and texture.  Each Apliiq product is made to order in downtown Los Angeles and comes packaged in a re-usable fabric bag.  Browse the fabric library, customize your own and express yourself through fabric.

considered consumption.

experience fabric expression.

apliiq is your favorite hoody.  your favorite tee.  your favorite dress.  your apliiq is different because it's not blasted with logos or excessive graphics.  it's different because you designed it, you carefully picked the fabric and color that represents you.  everyone asks you where you got it, everyone wants their own.

our fabric tells a story, it's a simple design statement that holds its own history, cultural reference and texture.  when you put it on your apliiq garment it becomes a piece of you.  you experience the design of your apliiq and that makes it valuable.  you're part of the apliiq family.

local quality.

apliiq is fabric love.

apliiq is made in downtown los angeles.  we take care to produce the best quality product possible.  every fabric and every stitch has been thought out and we only produce a product once it's ordered.  that means your apliiq was made just for you. the materials that make up everything, from a building to a piece of clothing, are the key ingredients for design.  apliiq is about respect for those materials, tastefully showing off what makes our products special, the fabric.